It’s International Women’s Day – so we’re acknowledging and celebrating female investors! These are the trends we’re watching:

More Wealth

Women’s privately owned wealth has grown significantly in recent decades. By 2020 women are expected to control $22 trillion of personal wealth in the US. That’s a $8 trillion growth since 2015.

Values Driven Investing

The core of Earth Equity Advisors’ mission is to help our clients align their investments with their values® and current financial trends show that this is top of mind for women especially. A recent survey from Morgan Stanley illustrated that women are leading the way for sustainable investing. Female investors not only factor sustainability into their investment strategies, they are more likely to see the advantages of doing so – in fact, 77% of women surveyed believe that socially responsible investing makes for better long-term investments and leads to higher profitability.

Female Leadership

While it is frustrating to watch the slow progress being made to increase the number of women in executive positions and on corporate boards, there are some bright spots. The Fearless Girl staring down Wall Street’s Charging Bull turned one year old yesterday, and she ushered in a lot of change in that year. The organization behind her, State Street Global Advisors, targeted businesses with all male boards and over the course of 2017, 152 of those companies added at least one female director.  Similarly, the organization 2020 Women on Boards, 20% by 2020, challenges specific corporations with all male boards to add female directors. They drive this progress through a grassroots campaign to empower young people, consumers, and middle managers at non-diverse companies to be changemakers.

There’s also a lack of diversity in the financial services industry. As of 2016, only 31% of personal financial advisors were women. We’re proud that of the four advisors here at Earth Equity, two are women.

Thank you to all the women who invest with us.