Our Mission is to help our clients reach their financial goals while investing with their values and empowering them to be change makers thru socially & environmentally responsible investing. 

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 Integrity is vital for all other values. We believe in doing what is right, no matter the consequences.  Our honesty is our strength.

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We believe that an awareness of ourselves, our clients, our impact and our place in the world makes us better in many ways.

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Creativity helps us to see both the whole picture and the details.  We come up with visionary solutions, neither dogmatic nor conventional, but ultimately effective.

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We are leaders in our communities and in the responsible investing industry, and work to facilitate a better world through communication and involvement.


We care deeply about what we do.  Making a difference in the lives of our clients and in the world drives us constantly. Growing your investments is our goal, but doing the right thing is our mission.