Neill Yelverton is a Financial Advisor, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer at Earth Equity Advisors. He works with individuals, non-profits and businesses and is currently accepting select new clients.

Neill takes pride in helping families transition to a responsible investment portfolio. In addition, he finds his work with non-profits, especially those that have a social or environmental mission, very rewarding. He believes that by aligning the institution's endowment or investments with its mission, it multiplies the impact of the institution. He works as an advocate for your mission and your finances. 

Of course, the same is true for his individual and business clients as well. 

"The realization that we vote, every single day, by the way we spend our dollars.  Our spending fuels a giant economic engine from jobs, to logistics, to materials sourcing - what we buy affects the environment and touches hundreds of lives.  And the flip side of that coin is -- how we invest our retirement dollars has the same impact."

Prior to joining Earth Equity Advisors, Neill spent over a decade working in the environmental field. He became interested in environmentally sensitive business solutions while working as a shepherd for a company that used grazing sheep as an alternative form of vegetation management. 

He completed his MBA at Western Carolina University with an independent study in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in Business.

A native of North Carolina, Neill lives in Asheville with his wife Cori and their son Ben.