Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Earth Equity Advisors manages diversified investment portfolios for select individuals, institutions, businesses and non-profits across the country. We specialize in socially and environmentally responsible investments. We Help You Align Your Investments With Your Values®. 

Our signature fossil-fuel-free stock portfolio focused on companies with a sustainability ethic - alternative energy, energy efficiency, natural & organic foods, water technologies, green building and more.

We offer diversified mutual fund portfolios free of fossil fuel development, drilling, refining and transmission.

Comprehensive financial planning services to help guide you to your goals. From retirement to education, estate to business transition, we have the experience, training and network to create a plan with the best opportunity for success.

Investment options for people of faith - helping congregations, endowments and individuals align their investments with their faith values.

"I started the firm because I wanted to give investors an opportunity to align their investments with their values. I saw a wonderful opportunity to empower people to use their investments for the greater good - to be changemakers - but to still achieve competitive returns to fund their life goals."

Peter Krull - Earth Equity Advisors CEO & Director of Investments