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Do you know if your investments are aligned with your values?

Is your portfolio over $250,000?

Earth Equity’s Impact X-Ray report will detail all of the fossil fuels, weapons, tobacco and other questionable companies in your portfolio.

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You live your life by your values. You drive a hybrid car. You eat organic. You buy local. You recycle.

There’s not much more you can do…right?

With every dollar you spend, you’re casting a vote on what matters to you – it’s the same with your investments. At Earth Equity Advisors, we are experts in sustainable, responsible, and impact investing.  We believe in the power of responsible investing – By specializing in ethical investing, we empower our clients to become changemakers.

Earth Equity Advisors is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor. We care about what you care about:

Help preserve our earth for future generations.

Protecting the Environment

Break down barriers and build connections between people.

Social Equality

Support responsible stewardship of our earth.

Clean Energy

Promote ethical decision-making.

Doing The Right Thing

Contribute to the betterment of people around you.

Giving Back To Your Community

Be prepared for the future.

Creating a Comfortable Retirement

Create a better place for generations to come.

The Future For Your Children and Grandchildren

Work with us to start investing in positive impact companies while building your wealth for a brighter future.

Since 2004, we have been Helping You Align Your Investments With Your Values ®

Who is Earth Equity?

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Earth Equity Advisors,four-time Best for the World  Certified B Corporation, manages diversified investment portfolios for clients across the country.

Our focus is sustainable, responsible, and impact investing.  

We offer ONLY  socially and environmentally-responsible investments.

Why Invest Responsibly?

How you invest your money matters. Too often, we let our portfolios run on their own without stopping to look at what is hidden within them and actually seeing what our money is supporting. Do you want to make sure you’re invested in companies that are socially responsible, environmentally conscious, committed to diversity, ethical in practice, and powering positive change? We use ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) data to help ensure your investments align with your values.

And, our portfolios support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Fossil-Fuel Free Investment Portfolios

Fossil-fuel-free isn’t just one option we offer, it’s the only one we offer. As leaders in sustainable, responsible, and impact investing, we create portfolios that reflect your values, offering fossil-fuel free portfolios for your personal life, retirement plan, or trust. The Green Sage Sustainability Portfolio is our Signature individual stock portfolio.

Responsible investing doesn’t have to be complicated.

Let us help you make a seamless transition.

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Align Your Investments With Your Values

Responsible investing shouldn’t be complicated. We’ve been helping clients make the transition for over fifteen years! We offer a complimentary consultation where we’ll listen to your goals & values and lay out a plan specific to your needs. Simply fill out the form, and the best advisor for your specific needs will meet with you.