Pete Krull To Speak at 2nd Annual Bonfire Conference

We’re excited to announce that Earth Equity’s Peter Krull will be speaking at the 2nd annual Bonfire Conference!

The Bonfire Conference, a 1-day weekend event dedicated to business success through storytelling, is coming to Asheville October 27th. The conference features three keynote speakers and a highly curated panel of four local community leaders to facilitate workshops on tools and strategies for using storytelling to increase engagement.

“Stories connect us in a way that numbers and charts simply can’t. We are a group of individuals who have experience in theatre, performance and business. We have seen the power of bringing the magic of storytelling to our organizations and businesses. We want to share that skill set with others,” says Murphy Funkhouser-Capps, one of Bonfire’s organizers and co-founders. She is the CEO of Kudzu Brands and founded the conference in 2016.

“Stories connect us in a way that numbers and charts simply can’t.

— Murphy Funkhouser-Capps

Storytelling as business strategy is garnering significant attention as a marketing trend. Research indicates that 78% of marketing directors think storytelling and content is the future of marketing. The Bonfire Conference offers storytelling skills for business leaders interested in staying on the cutting edge of brand strategy. By building their own storytelling skills in October, business leaders will have the opportunity to integrate storytelling as a strategy across marketing platforms in 2018.

Pete Krull, along with Asheville community leaders Matt Raker, Cortina Janelle, and Loretta Shelton, will speak at a special guest panel during the conference. 

The conference aims to address common problems business leaders may not realize are related to business storytelling, including:

●     Lack of connection with intended audience

●     A slump in sales

●     Poor engagement from clients, donors or employees

●     A struggle to achieve consistency in brand messaging

●     A struggle to effectively tell a brand’s story in a way that inspires, engages and moves others to action

The Bonfire Conference is geared toward local Asheville and regional business owners, regional CEO’s, sales managers, and marketing directors.


The Bonfire Conference will be held on Friday, October 27 from 9am-5pm at the Goodwill Corporate Training Center. Individuals and corporate groups can purchase tickets for Bonfire Conference through Eventbrite.

Early bird tickets are available until September 30, at a discounted price of $167.

After September 30, tickets will be $197.