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5 Eco-Friendly Smartphone Apps That Are Worth Your Time

With the right technology on your side, you can streamline your efforts to live a more sustainable life. Our team picked five practical eco-friendly apps that meet the complex needs of consumers by making sustainable processes more streamlined and easy to understand.

Saving the Oceans, One Garbage Patch at a Time

The biggest landfill in the world isn’t actually on land.

It’s in the Pacific Ocean, floating between California and Hawaii, and it’s known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Current estimates conclude it’s the size of Texas. It’s also not the only one of its kind, though it is by far the largest.

Could B Corps Become The Next Business Designation in NC?

While increasingly recognized as a viable business model, B Corps aren’t yet recognized by the state as a business designation. Representative Chuck McGrady of Henderson County is sponsoring a bill that would change that. Pete Krull of Earth Equity Advisors talked with Public News Service about the importance of B Corp status.