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The Power of Choice

We welcome guest John Lanier, Executive Director of The Ray C. Anderson Foundation, as he shares his thoughts on choice, considerate action and how the decisions we make affect those around us. 

The Long and Short of Socially Responsible Investing

Is it just as good to invest in a company that donates a little bit of profit to charities every year as it is to choose a company intent on growing their triple bottom line? (Triple bottom line companies focus on financial, environmental, and social outcomes.) Are there short or long-term benefits to one over the other?

Renewable Energy 101: Say Hello To Geothermal

Learn more about geothermal energy. Because geothermal energy is predictable, it is an excellent resource for a base load of power which can be relied upon with remarkable accuracy. This is not the case with solar and wind, which are weather dependent.

Renewable Energy 101: The Power of Wind

With current estimates putting wind energy potential at ten times greater than the current US electrical consumption, wind energy, in combination with other forms of renewable energy, could be the wave of the future.

Renewable Energy 101: Hydro Power

Hydropower…not exactly the most popular or accessible form of renewable energy. However, hydropower runs far cleaner, is more controllable, and has the potential to provide much more than the 16% of total electricity function it produces today. Learn more in our 4-part series.

Renewable Energy 101: Get to Know Solar

In our 4-part series, we’re looking at forms of renewable energy and how they play a part in the economy and our daily lives. Solar energy is rapidly becoming the future when it comes to powering our increasingly electronic lives.

Krull & Company Featured in ThinkAdvisor

We were proud to be featured in ThinkAdvisor in December, discussing our experience regarding integrating technology with our firm’s processes for a better workflow and world-class client experience.