Dollars & Change Episode 3

The Power of Sustainable Investing in Retirement Plans: Insights from Sam Adams

In this next episode of Dollars & Change: The Experts Guide to Sustainable and Responsible Investing, host Peter Krull engages in a fascinating discussion with Sam Adams, the CEO, and co-founder of Vert Asset Management, a dedicated ESG fund manager that bridges the gap between financial services, capital markets, and environmental advocacy, with a mission to make sustainable investing easier for advisors. Their conversation revolves around retirement plans and sustainable investing, shedding light on Sam’s extensive experience in the investment management industry.

Sam highlights the pivotal role of sustainable investing in retirement plans, emphasizing the demand for such options, especially among Millennials and Generation Z. Despite the evident enthusiasm among participants, sustainable investing options in 401(k)s aren’t as easy to find as you would think. Sam suggests that sustainable investment choices might contribute to a more “successful” investor, potentially leading to a more successful retirement.

This episode also explores the willingness of younger generations to accept smaller returns to align their investments with their values. And even though sustainable investing doesn’t equate to underperformance (quite the contrary!) or is equivalent to charitable giving, the desire to invest responsibly is so significant that these investors are ready to compromise on financial returns.

The conversation concludes on an optimistic note, with Sam expressing his hope for the future of sustainable investing. Despite the challenges and the bad news on climate change, Sam draws confidence from the profitable and effective sustainable solutions that companies are deploying, and the increasing demand for such options among younger investors.

If you are interested in understanding the intersection of retirement planning and sustainable investing, this episode of the Dollars & Change podcast is a must-listen. For the complete episode, click here or search for the series on your preferred podcast platform.

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