Dollars & Change Episode 6

The Transformative Shift in Sustainable Food Systems with Elysabeth Alfano

In a fascinating episode of Dollars & Change: The Expert’s Guide to Sustainable & Responsible Investing, host Peter Krull is joined by Elysabeth Alfano, an expert in the arena of sustainable and responsible investing with a particular focus on the food industry. Elysabeth, who is the CEO of VegTech Invest, shares her insightful perspectives on the urgent need for a major transformation in our global food systems.

Drawing from her extensive background in sustainable food systems transformation and her experience as a Chief Executive Officer, Elysabeth underlines the critical inefficiencies and environmental challenges plaguing the current food production models. She makes a compelling case for the seismic shift needed towards sustainable food practices, not only from an environmental standpoint but also from an investment opportunity perspective.

The episode sheds light on the innovative approach of the EATV ETF, an actively managed fund that Elysabeth co-founded to capitalize on this transformation. She details their methodology of screening out bad actors in the food industry and focusing on companies driving sustainable change—a strategy that not only promises environmental impact but also significant growth as the world transitions from traditional to sustainable food sources.

Highlighting the dire consequences of maintaining the status quo, including unsustainable land and water use and the contribution of current practices to global methane emissions, Elysabeth makes a powerful argument for the need to innovate food production processes. Solutions such as alternative proteins and novel agricultural technologies take center stage to address these challenges.

The conversation also touches upon the broader impact of food system transformation on societal benefits, including addressing food insecurity and justice. Elysabeth’s optimism about capitalism’s role in fostering this necessary change is infectious, offering a hopeful outlook on the potential for a more equitable and sustainable future through innovative investment in the food sector.

This episode of Dollars & Change: The Expert’s Guide to Sustainable & Responsible Investing not only illuminates the critical need for a shift in how we approach food production and consumption but also highlights the incredible opportunities for growth, innovation, and positive environmental impact that lie within this transition.

If you are interested in learning more about how to make the food industry more sustainable listen to the full episode here.

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