The Papal Encyclical & Interfaith Power and Light Collaboration

Align your Investments with your Faith Values

At Krull & Company, many of our clients are people of faith – they make aligning their investments with their values a priority. That’s why it is so important that we recognize the potential impact of the Pope’s Climate Change Encyclical, Laudato Si, for what it is: a call to action for people of all faiths to recognize our human impact on the planet and to begin taking steps today to make environmental and social responsibility a priority.

In alignment with that priority, we are proud to be collaborating with both the Georgia and North Carolina Interfaith Power & Light (IPL) organizations to offer socially and environmentally responsible investing solutions, including fossil-fuel-free options.

We held a strategic planning call recently with Kate McGregor-Mosley, Executive Director of Georgia IPL and Susannah Tuttle, Executive Director of NC IPL to lay out how best to work together. We are pleased that both executive directors understand the importance of moving beyond their traditional scopes of energy efficiency consulting and retrofitting for congregations. We all believe that the way your endowment and personal monies are invested matters – and that by making a change to a more responsible portfolio, you are choosing to be better stewards of our small and fragile planet, while maintaining competitive investment returns at the same time.

The Pope’s Encyclical specifically addresses the importance of taking action, “A change in lifestyle could bring healthy pressure to bear on those who wield political, economic and social power. This is what consumer movements accomplish by boycotting certain products. They prove successful in changing the way businesses operate, forcing them to consider their environmental footprint and their patterns of production. When social pressure affects their earnings, businesses clearly have to find ways to produce differently. This shows us the great need for a sense of social responsibility on the part of consumers…Purchasing is always a moral – and not simply economic – act” (Chapter 6, Part 206)

Krull & Company’s solutions help put these principles to work

These solutions work well for divesting congregational endowment monies from fossil fuels and reinvesting into more sustainable companies. Typically, this entails reallocating about 8 percent of the endowment (the current S&P 500 energy allocation) into Krull & Company’s Green Sage Sustainability Portfolio. Green Sage is our Signature fossil-fuel-free equity portfolio focused positively on companies with sustainability as a product, service or core tenet of the business.

Members of congregations can also participate and have an impact as well, through our diversified socially and environmentally responsible portfolios. As an investment management and financial planning firm, we have helped many individuals align their investments with their values, including brokerage, trust and retirement monies.

And, as a 1 Percent for the Planet member, Krull & Company is a financial supporter of both Georgia and North Carolina Interfaith Power and Light organizations.

Krull & Company, LLC is a Certified B Corporation in Asheville, NC. We are a leading socially and environmentally responsible investment management and financial planning firm. Contact us for more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation.