Krull & Company Launches ReVest to Help Religious Organizations Divest and Reinvest

When it comes to responsible investing, Asheville-based Krull & Company is calling for faith-based organizations to take the concept of stewardship to a new level. The sustainable investment firm recently launched ReVest, a service designed to help congregations and individuals reallocate financial assets from fossil fuel investments to environmental and socially responsible funds.

To introduce this type of service to the faith-based communities, Krull & Company partnered with North Carolina Interfaith Power and Light (NCIPL) and Georgia Interfaith Power and Light. By working with places of worship in North Carolina and Georgia, the Krull and Company team can assess, analyze and recommend investment solutions using the ReVest approach and service.

“We believe each ReVest partnership—whether an individual faith-based family, a congregation, or a denomination leadership board—helps make the world a better place,” says Peter Krull, President. “Fiduciary responsibility extends beyond simple dollars and cents to being fully intentional about the types of investments that are owned.”

For example, Krull explains, most traditionally managed endowments only have to reallocate about 8% of their portfolios to socially- and environmentally-responsible assets, and can maintain competitive returns.

“One of the most powerful steps a congregation can take together is the financial demonstration of their commitment to creation care,” says Krull. “It’s a tangible way to ensure our most important communities are heard.”


Catherine Campbell, Marketing and Communications

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