Human Resources Just Got Greener With Conscious-k

Krull & Company recently introduced Conscious-k, a new 401(k) solution for business owners and human resources personnel.

“We want to help companies create sustainable legacies and a value that goes beyond the bottom line,” says Pete Krull, founder of Krull & Company. “You have to give back to your people by offering a benefit that reflects who your employees are beyond the office.”

As a socially-responsible investment firm, Krull and Company extended their services with Conscious-k as a specific answer to a common question for business owners: when and how does a company set up a customized retirement plan? Market research showed that business owners and human resources would often avoid setting up a retirement plan option for employees because they either believed they didn’t have the right number of staff, or they felt overwhelmed by options.

A 401(k) plan allows employees to defer pretax dollars for their own retirement savings. These plans can be set up with or without an employer match and, in addition to a match, can allow a discretionary employer contribution each year.

“You want a retirement plan that’s easy to setup and explain to employees, but for talent retention, you have to offer something extra to that benefit,” says Krull. A fossil-fuel-free 401(k) portfolio can reflect this generation’s priorities, he explains.

“Employees want a fund that will help them save up for the future, but will also contribute to the world and make sure it’s still in great environmental shape when they’re ready to retire.”

For more information, visit Conscious-k.


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