Dollars and Change Episode 1

Brand New Year, Brand New Podcast – Ed Begley Jr. Joins Peter Krull for the Inaugural Episode of Dollars & Change: The Expert’s Guide to Sustainable and Responsible Investing

Sustainable and responsible investing has been core to Earth Equity’s mission since our founding in 2004. Peter Krull, the Partner and Director of Sustainable Investing, is passionate about educating others about everything from aligning your investments to your values to greenwashing. Which is why today, he is announcing his new podcast series, Dollars & Change: The Expert’s Guide to Sustainable and Responsible Investing. Tune in for in-depth conversations with sustainability leaders, thought-provoking discussions around the urgency we’re feeling to make responsible change, and practical advice on how investors can align their financial strategies with their values.

In the premier episode of Dollars & Change, Peter sits down with the legendary actor Ed Begley Jr. to discuss his lifelong commitment to environmental advocacy. Ed’s environmental journey traces back to the inaugural Earth Day in 1970. Motivated by significant environmental crises like the Santa Barbara oil spill, he felt compelled to act, igniting an enduring commitment to making a tangible difference. This dedication has led him to witness and champion the remarkable improvements in Los Angeles’s air quality over the decades. Such progress underscores the transformative power of collective action, from the emergence of cleaner power plants to the rise of sustainable transportation options.

Throughout their conversation, Begley emphasizes three pivotal pillars for effective advocacy: personal action, corporate responsibility, and legislative support. He believes that these pillars, when synergized, can drive meaningful environmental change. His own practices at home further echo this sentiment; Begley proudly showcases his eco-friendly home, including a 10,000-gallon rainwater tank, highlighting the pressing need for water conservation in our rapidly changing climate.

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Be good. Invest better.

The Earth Equity Team