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Can Dividend and Sustainable Investing Mix?

Peter Krull recently discussed the intersection of dividends and sustainable investing in a recent interview with Lawrence Strauss of Income Matters Today.

Highlighting the evolution from socially responsible to sustainable investing, Krull emphasized the focus on solutions to challenges like climate change. He acknowledged the difficulty of generating returns but stressed the alignment of sustainable investing with the growth side.

Krull provided examples of dividend stocks, including venture-capital firms (Horizon Technology Finance, Hercules Capital), REITs (Digital Realty Trust), and tech companies (IBM, United Microelectronics). He also talked about residential rental units (Kilroy Realty) and infrastructure (Hannon Armstrong, Brookfield Renewable) as promising themes.

In the insurance sector, Krull identified European insurers Swiss Re and AXA for their strong dividend yields and proactive approach to climate risk. Overall, the interview highlighted the potential for dividends and sustainability to coexist across various sectors.

The full article is behind a paywall, but can be found here.

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