Krull & Company Featured in ThinkAdvisor

We were very proud to be featured in ThinkAdvisor in December. In this article, Neill and I discussed how cutting-edge technology has helped our firm not only keep a competitive edge, but also streamline the experience for our clients to give them the best service possible. 


For Krull & Company in Asheville, North Carolina, technology has always been a key driver in supporting the firm’s sustainable investing mandate in an efficient manner that benefits both advisors and clients.

“Our clients want to invest with their values, and they recognize the importance that technology will play in an energy-efficient society that uses resources more responsibly and equitably,” said Peter Krull, president and founder of Krull & Company. “We see technology as a great equalizer, meeting the sustainable investing needs of clients and enabling us to provide superior, integrated service.” 


Three Investment Strategies To Tackle Climate Change

We’re proud to be featured in a new article at U.S. News and World Report, “Three Investment Strategies to Tackle Climate Change.”


In a post-election climate where much of an incoming White House administration is filled with anti-climate change proponents, some investors are trying to take a public stance.

Peter Krull, president of Krull & Co., a socially and environmentally responsible investment firm in Asheville, North Carolina, says he’s seen a surge in investors who are interested in investing in more sustainable companies since the election in November.


Krull & Company Receives the 2016 Green Business Award from MountainTrue

Krull & Company was honored to receive the 2016 Green Business Award at MountainTrue’s annual Fall Gathering in late October.

Their annual awards are designed to recognize honorees for “their hard work and dedication to protecting our forests, mountains, rivers and streams, and to promoting clean energy and sustainability.”

Every member of Krull & Company holds our actions to a higher standard year over year. We believe in “walk, not talk.” These actions include furthering our commitment to, and volunteer work for, sustainability efforts in the western North Carolina region and abroad.

When MountainTrue notified our team that we received the Green Business of the Year distinction, we were surprised and honored, especially Peter. Although Peter has served on the board of MountainTrue for the last few years, he was not privy to the award selection process.

To receive recognition from MountainTrue is a genuine compliment and honor. The nonprofit organization had much to celebrate this year at its annual gathering, including key advancements in native species preservation, lobbying efforts against fossil fuels, river clean-up. MountainTrue is Western North Carolina’s premier advocate for environmental stewardship. The are committed to keeping our mountain region a beautiful place to live, work and play. Their volunteer members protect our forests, clean up our rivers, plan vibrant and livable communities, and advocate for a sound and sustainable future for all residents of WNC.

Learn more about MountainTrue and support them here

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Krull & Company Third Annual Speaker Series

Lewis Perkins and Peter Krull

Lewis Perkins and Peter Krull

Krull & Company welcomed Lewis Perkins, the President of The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute to Asheville on September 20th. The day included an afternoon Business Roundtable at The Center for Craft, Creativity and Design moderated by journalist Darren Dahl.

Bark House's Chris McCurry introduces Lewis Perkins

Bark House’s Chris McCurry Introduces Lewis Perkins

Lewis Perkins and Darren Dahl

Lewis Perkins and Darren Dahl


The evening featured a keynote by Mr. Perkins at The Collider in downtown Asheville. Over 80 people showed up to hear him speak about the Circular Economy. We will be sharing the video from the event shortly.

Krull & Company President and Founder Peter Krull welcomes the audience the the Third Annual Speaker Series Event

Krull & Company President and Founder Peter Krull welcomes the audience the the Third Annual Speaker Series Event

Lewis Perkins speaks to a full house at the Collider

Lewis Perkins speaks to a full house at the Collider


Please support our Speaker Series Sponsors

Please support our Speaker Series Sponsors


Krull & Company Sponsors Asheville’s Terpsicorps Academy

Krull and Company is a proud sponsor of Terpsicorps Dance Academy, a 501(c)3 organization. In summer of 2015, Terpsicorps announced their crowdfunding campaign to raise capital for a new studio which would launch a full academy for all ages and abilities as well as integrate space for their professional dance company.

We believe in supporting those organizations which provide access to the arts as well as learning programs that strengthen and promote healthy bodies. Terpsicorps’ mission aligns with our own in our shared belief that we should create extraordinary experiences and strengthen our local community for the larger, long-term impact.

During the capital campaign, we committed as sponsors for the Terpsicorps Academy lobby. The Academy opened in fall 2015 to a receptive audience of families and dancers.

The new academy space, located in West Asheville, includes three studios, dressing rooms and a lounge/art gallery, as well as new equipment and foundations: sprung floors, mirrors, and sound systems.

This week, we will celebrate with Heather Maloy, Terpsicorps’ Artistic Director, as well as staff and board members at their Founders Party. We are so proud of their achievements and look forward to watching the Academy grow!

History of Terpsicorps
As of June, 2003, Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance became North Carolina’s summertime professional contemporary ballet company. Terpsicorps hires in critically acclaimed dancers from such well respected dance companies as Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, BalletMet, Kansas City Ballet, and Atlanta Ballet. Most dance companies lay off their dancers in the summertime when theater going tends to taper off. This has given the company the opportunity to hire first rate principal dancers for a short period of time and create innovative, theatrical shows.

Academy at Terpsicorps
The Academy at Terpsicorps seeks to provide the world class dance training & education, consistent with the stylistic requirements of Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance Company. Dancers will be provided with a rich knowledge of classical technique and the ability to adapt to all styles and techniques of dance. For more information, visit Terpsicorps website.

Mr. Krull Goes to Washington

I am looking forward to heading to Washington, DC on April 27th as part of a coalition of environmental-based entrepreneurs meeting with lawmakers and administration officials. The trip is being organized by E2, Environmental Entrepreneurs, a non-partisan community of business leaders who promote sound environmental policy that builds economic prosperity.

Krull & Company has been a member of E2 since early 2014 and has taken an active role in encouraging lawmakers to adopt environmentally responsible policies and laws.

On this trip, we will be focusing on three issues:

  • Supporting clean energy policies and programs in upcoming energy bills and tax reform
  • Supporting and defending the implementation of policies to reduce greenhouse gases in an economically beneficial way (Clean Power Plan)
  • Supporting a new transportation bill that prioritizes innovation, lowers environmental impacts and increases economic efficiency.

What does this mean for you?

All of these issues affect our clients in some way – from renewable energy tax credits to more efficient forms of transportation. They also are relevant to our strategies of investing in sustainable companies and divesting from fossil fuels.

I will keep you up to date on the results.

Pete Krull